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Internship Strategy the Second Part

Publié le 31 juillet 2020 dans Events

​The summer vacation has been over for a period of time, I believe that students looking for internships must have found a suitable internship job, so in the process of the internship what the students need to be pay attention to? Today I would like to talk with you.

1. In the process of practice, I believe that no matter what everyone is looking for internships, there will be a old employee to take us familiar with the company, be familiar with the business, we must have respect for them, in a sense they are our teacher, be polite to other colleagues, to calm communication, be reasonably interested in what we don’t know.

2. During the internship, we should be careful when face works. For unfamiliar business, we must dare to ask, ask our master and other colleagues. Don’t take it for granted. Once you make mistakes in your work, it will have a certain impact on your future job.

3. Students may be involved in the signing of internship contracts. In addition to school contracts, they may also be signed by companies. Be sure to sharpen your eyes when signing a contract and look at the terms inside.

4. The internship is also an opportunity for us to learn. During the internship, we should not only do our own work, but also learn some expanded knowledge if possible, learn from other colleagues’ advantages and reflect on our own shortcomings, so as to make more progress in this holiday.

Finally, I hope you can consolidate your knowledge and ability through internship in this holiday.


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​From June 24 to 26, 2020, students’ group project defense was carried out online in an orderly manner, with 19 groups of students from two classes participating in the online defense.

Students were not only needed the usage of the technology learned in class, but also a lot of personal research and self-study new technology to meet the requirements of the project.

After submitting the project, each group of students needed to make a presentation. The project defense completely simulated the real environment of the enterprise, and the jury was the potential customer and investor; the students played the role of technician, marketing manager, salesman and other positions. The students were not only required to do the self-report of the PPT, brief introduction of the project content and project summary, but also to interact with jury in terms of technology, business, market, management and other aspects. Students were required to flexibly answer the questions of the jury according to their own understanding of the project content. After that, the jury gave them a lot of precious advices.
Defense was an intuitive expression of students’ professional level and ability to express themselves. Although due to COVID-19, the defense was carried out online, most students still paid attention to the etiquette requirements of the workplace and prepare carefully, so as to master the skills of video conference needed by enterprises and improve their personal communication ability and comprehensive quality.
Teachers and students worked together to overcome many inconveniences brought by COVID-19. Although teachers and students could not see each other face to face, the procedures of online defense for group projects could not be less, and the process was standardized with quality and quantity guaranteed.

We trust they would get improved in the future and become a real professional IT engineer most demanded by international or Chinese companies.

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Grow to Maturity: from School to Work

Publié le 24 juin 2020 dans Events

​With the arrival of June, the semester of SUPINFO is going to finish. During the holidays, the school encourages students to find internships. On the one hand, they can accumulate work experience, on the other hand, they can also train their practical skills, so how can you find a better internship? Today I will talk to you about finding an internship.

Choose a company

The first step in finding an internship is to choose a good company. We generally find internship information in the following ways: websites, WeChat group, and looking for ourselves. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is to find a reliable company. There are a lot of scam messages on the Internet. Students must keep their eyes open. The best way is to not believe the so-called advertisements that can make a lot of money without doing anything just stay at home every day. Recommend several recruitment websites for everyone:,,,

the companies on these websites are basically reviewed, and finding companies on it is relatively reliable.

Make resume

After choosing a company, we need to see what position the company is hiring and what requirements the company has for this position. We must do it in a targeted manner when creating a resume. For example, if we want to invest in adevelopment position, then it is best to have a project that we have done before on our resume; if we want to invest in a test position, then we need to write our own experience in this area. When HR reads the resume, we will see if we are suitable for this position according to the experience written in our resume. We need to take the right medicine and make it easier to pass the HR.

Prepare for interview

After passing the HR, we will receive an interview notification. Some larger companies will add some English tests during the interview. You don’t need to worry. The English interview is mainly to test our daily communication skills. Before the interview, we need to prepare the knowledge of the corresponding position. When interviewing, pay attention to dress appropriately and speak appropriately. When communicating, answer questions in detail. The most important thing is to be confident. Whenever you want to show the sunny side, the interviewer will leave a good impression.


The above is the preparation work for finding an internship that I shared with you this time.

After we successfully entered the company through these processes, how should the new colleagues adapt to the new environment? We will talk about these next time.


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On June 14, 2020, SUPINFO Shape the Future the 30th International Class continued online.

As summer had come, volunteers introduced interesting English teaching with this topic.

Volunteers explained some words and sentences about summer to children: Sun Glasses, Hat, Umbrella, Short Pants, Sandals, T – Shirt.

At the same time, the volunteers introduced some basic knowledge and interesting activities of summer activities!

In class, the children listened carefully, actively participated, and follow up with volunteers.

Through this class, I believe that the children had gained a lot!

In China, because the welfare system for children is not perfect, many children are in trouble every year because of family changes.

In order to help these children, so as to help the welfare institution to establish more in-depth and long-term support for these children. SUPINFO organized our students to join the voluntary work, providing IT and English knowledge, sharing love and hope for the children!

Hope more alumni could join us! Through our efforts, children could be better integrated into society in the future. There is a long way to go for the help of poor children. They need our continuous support!

The 30th Shape the Future International Class ended sucessfully!

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On June 7, 2020, SUPINFO Shape the Future the 29th International Class continued online.

The theme of this class was the English expression of body parts. Previously, volunteers taught children an English Nursery Rhyme « Head, shoulder, knees and toes ». This time, each part was more detailed.







New expressions of words and phrases were learned in class:elbow, bicep, arm pit, iris, pupils, eye lashes, thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky.

First of all, the volunteers let the children read after them, and then randomly point out their body parts and asked the children to tell the corresponding words.

In class, the children were actively cooperating with the volunteers!

SUPINFO Shape the Future the 29th International Class ended successfully!

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The epidemic of COVID-19 affected all over the world, and it brought a lot of inconvenience to our students. These days, Chinese students are going back to the school, in France, people are progressively released from the lockdown since almost 3 months.

On 5 June, President Xi Jinping spoke with President of France, Macron. He said that France and China had carried out good cooperation in the field of epidemic prevention and demonstrated solidarity. The French side hoped to continue to strengthen cooperation with China in this spirit. The French side attached great importance to the major exchanges between Europe and China at next stage, and was willing to play an active role in this regard.

SUPINFO president Alick cares about our students in SUPINFO China campus. After he knew that most of our students had returned to school, he organized an online meeting with our students on June 5th and had a cordial conversation with the teachers and students here.

The main contents of Alick’s online meeting were as follows:

1) We would improve our communication by making better use of new technologies. Online education had always been the advantage of SUPINFO education. We cooperated with Linkedin to provide students with the most cutting-edge IT technology knowledge.

2) We would organize International Conferences in English for Chinese students. SUPINFO aimed to cultivate international talents who could meet the needs of economic globalization, had strong practical operation ability and good communication skills, had international vision, good foreign language ability and innovation spirit, and could play a key role in IT enterprises at home and abroad. Therefore, to organize English international conferences for Chinese students would help students to make up for the knowledge gaps, improve their knowledge system, improve their psychological adaptability and adapt to the society as soon as possible.

3) The president would communicate with SAD to discuss how to improve the organization of teaching: reduce video courses before the face to face; better balance the part of Linkedin learning and face to face; put more practicals so as to better strengthen the professional ability of students.

4) 2020-2021 school year: SAM SUPINFO Academic Mentoring Program would be started, every student worldwide would be linked together to help each other!

5) We would also invite more alumni to share valuable experience with our students!

This online meeting had been completed successfully!

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​On May 31, 2020, SUPINFO the 28th Shape the Future International Class continued online. Volunteers introduced a familiar movie song called “Do Re Mi”. And the topic of this class was the Children’s Day.

In this song, the words in the back explained the words in the front. Through the song, children could remember the words they learned more easily.

Because the children and volunteers were more and more familiar with each other, children actively cooperated with volunteers to complete the task of follow-up reading in class, and showed great enthusiasm for what they had learned. When they encountered longer sentences, they would read them slowly but completely.

At the end of the class, volunteers played interesting videos of Children’s Day in different countries.

Russia would perform some folk songs and dances, and the school would hold celebrations.

Sweden divides Children’s Day into « Boy’s Day » and « Girl’s Day », « Boy’s Day », also known as « Lobster Festival », which means to encourage young boys across the country to learn the brave spirit of lobster. On this day, children will dress up as dragon prawns and perform some very lively and lovely programs. Sweden’s « Girl’s Day », also known as « Lucia goddess Festival. » Lucia is a Swedish goddess who specializes in protecting girls. Every time this festival comes, girls should dress up as a goddess to do good for other children.

Every children’s day in Brazil, doctors from all over the country have to see the children and vaccinate children under the age of five against polio, which shows that the government is very concerned about children’s health.

The 28th Shape the Future International Class ended successfully!


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