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Recently, COVID-19 has spread in many countries in the world. The medical personnel in France are also under tremendous pressure and risk. The French people launched a series of activities to express their gratitude to the front-line medical staff for their actions to protect the health of the people.

Residents of several French cities spontaneously participated in the « clapping activity ». They applauded and cheered in front of their windows, and sincerely praised the spirit of the front-line medical staff, saying that they were all heroes.

The « clapping activity » was filmed by residents and uploaded to social media, which received a lot of comments and reposts. French President Macron also reposted the video on his Twitter account.



Also, the Eiffel Tower, a famous building in France, also pays tribute to medical staff. The Eiffel Tower has a light show every night. From night to dawn, the Eiffel Tower will have a five-minute flashing ceremony at the beginning of each hour.

Recently, the flashing time of the tower has been extended from five minutes to ten minutes. The Eiffel Tower’s company told the media that this movement is to show respect to the medical staff who are fighting against virus.

The applause and cheers, accompanied by the lights of the Eiffel Tower, expressed the respect and support of the French people for the medical staff and those who contributed to the French people. At the same time, these activities also makes us feel the firm and brave attitude of the French people to fight against the virus.

We hope that COVID-19 will come to an end as soon as possible and we will welcome a better future after it.

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Spring in Cité Universitaire

Publié le 26 mars 2020 dans Events


​Another spring is here, dead branches are beginning to sprout, flowers are re-opening, and Paris is a thriving scene. Let me take you into Cité Universitaire today to visit the pace of spring.

Next to the main building of Cité Universitaire, blossoming buds are waiting to be released.

On the sidewalk next to the main building of the university town, two cherry blossom trees opened up against the wind, and the petals fell with the wind, making it very romantic.

Not only the grass and grass in front of the German building, but also the cuttings on the grass have opened new flower buds.

In the spring, due to the epidemic, students in Paris wore masks to protect themselves and bought many daily necessities in the supermarket in advance to avoid going out during the severe epidemic.

Students must pay attention to their own protection, whether at home or abroad, to avoid infection, and to study hard at home.


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On 23rd,Paris players wore special jersey printed with « Stay Strong China » to express their support and blessing to the Chinese people who were bravely fighting against the epidemic!

« We are very proud of the Chinese people’s courage and spirit in COVID-19 outbreak. Paris Saint Germain is with the Chinese people. » Paris’s Saint Germain sent a message on the official website of the club.

« Paris Saint Germain club and all partners believe that China can overcome the current difficulties and become stronger after the outbreak. » Paris Saint Germain wrote on its website.

Throughout the game, the Prince Park stadium is full of elements of « Stay Strong China ». Before the opening, the advertisement in the middle of the stadium had a slogan in English and Chinese saying « Stay Strong China ». Advertisements on the jerseys of the Paris Saint Germain team members and the jerseys of the little caddies had also been replaced with the words « Stay Strong China ».

It is reported that this is the third time that the Paris Saint Germain team has changed the chest advertisement into blessing text. The first two times are the Paris terrorist attack in 2015 and the fire of Notre Dame in 2019. In addition to the club’s men’s football team, the Paris women’s football team and handball team will also cheer for China in the following matches, according to Paris official website.

And in the international arena, the team and players also continuously send blessings to cheer the Chinese people who are fighting with the epidemic!

These solidarity and blessings from the international arena not only warm the hearts of the Chinese people, but also feel the spiritual strength that sports bring to people. We believe that the we will surely win this battle under the support of such forces!

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A Different Class

Publié le 24 février 2020 dans Events

The Lantern Festival has passed and it is time to start school again. This year’s Spring Festival has been a little different. There is no exchange of greetings of relatives and friends, no festive firecrackers. Most of it is the desertedness of the street and the concern for front-line workers in Wuhan or nearby areas.



Due to the seriousness of “COVID-19”, schools are delaying their school hours. In this case, schools have introduced telecommuting and online teaching measures. Therefore, this year ’s class is also slightly different. Instead of everyone sitting together and listening to the lecture and knocking on the code, teachers and students take classes through the Internet.


SUPINFO China Campus responded positively and adopted video distance learning to teach, which also coincided with the Blended learning advocated by SUPINFO.


Students watch videos on the Canvas platform.


Although online teaching will bring various inconveniences, this is really an opportunity to sharpen one’s self-discipline spirit. Looking forward to defeating the virus, we will meet again.




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Chinese New Year’s Party in France

Publié le 7 février 2020 dans Campus Life


This is a special year. The Chinese people are united to fight against the Coronavirus. Recently, the news may have reported that some foreigners hide from the Chinese and even discriminate against the Chinese. But here in SUPINFO Rennes Campus in France, in order to support China, the teachers and students  organized the Chinese New Year’s Party as usual.



Let’s make great efforts together!113

The main color of the party was Chinese red. Most of the students wore red clothes in the party, which symbolized the Prosperous of this year. Ms. Wang took the students to learn Chinese calligraphy. Foreigners were very happy to write. Their writings were smart and unique. Of course, there were some students whose hands were too shaking. They could only write with markers.






« Chopsticks magic skill » game that must be played every new year: foreigners who seldom used chopsticks or hardly used chopsticks, peanut relay race, students showed their magic skills, cheering, shouting, clapping, laughing, shaking hands After intense study, it’s rare to have such an opportunity for everyone to have fun together.



Later, we watched the clips of the Spring Festival Gala together. Language was not an obstacle. Then, all teachers and students took part in the Chinese culture Quiz contest, including questions about IT and Culture.



Ms. Wang gave priority to show the simple Chinese tea art to the game winning group, and the authentic Chinese JIN Jun MEI Red tea won many fans.




Although the food was simple, it was not very authentic: Chinese beef / chicken / vegetarian fried noodles, Vietnamese spring rolls, coke, fruit tea and other non Chinese sweet drinks, we had deepened the exchange and understanding of Chinese culture.



The climax of the party was « ballooning ». Students in pairs couldn’t use their hands and feet. They had to work together to explode balloons. The sound of balloons symbolized the sound of Chinese New Year. The contestants displayed their unique skills in the martial arts with their own magic power. They squeezed with their belly, twisted with their elbows, pressed with their knees, clamped with their thighs. The scene was full of excitement, laughters and warm atmosphere.




With their laughter and optimism, the international teachers and students of Rennes campus support the Chinese people to unite,  overcome difficulties and resist the Coronavirus.

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A one-day trip in Paris

Publié le 20 janvier 2020 dans Events

Recently, students of M.Sc1 who just came to Paris had seen some famous landmarks in Paris and learned a lot.

Early in the morning students arrived at the Arc De Triomphe, it is located in the middle of the Charles DE gaulle square in Paris, under the sun rise more magnificent.


The Arc De Triomphein the morning sun

The students then walked all the way to Notre Dame de Paris. Although Notre Dame experienced a fire, the main building was still in good condition, and the French government was working hard to repair it. I believe we could visit Kasimodo’s house again in the near future.


Notre Dame de Paris


Notre Dame de Paris under repair

In order to make our new classmates feel the warmth of home, senior students of SUPINFO organized a dinner together, and all of them brought out their own specialty dishes.


Happy meal


Toast to a better future


After-dinner game time

At the end of the dinner, we started a happy Werewolf killing game. Here, we fully felt the SUPINFO seniors brought us the feeling of home, to the future here to study and life,we was full of confidence.


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SUPINFO Best Group Project

Publié le 16 janvier 2020 dans Events

In last academic year, WANG Xisen, YANG Dawei, ZHANG Chi, XU Han, CAO Linfei and CHEN Ziyi won the Best Group Project. How did they complete the project? Let’s take a look:


Hello everyone. I’m Wang Xisen, Leader of Navigator. I built this team at the first time we did project in SUPINFO. The reason why we choose Navigator as our team name is that we want to navigate the whole IT industry. Hence, every time we made a project, we want to do more than SUPINFO required and did the best to make us satisfied. At first, the document given by SUPINFO just included the basic function of the game. But we did not want to rewrite it, we wanted to take the old version as an inspiration, to make a whole new game, we wanted to upgrade the universe, the movement, the perspective transformation and the map to make it a more modern game and suit the latest game market. We upgraded the ball’s movement and the rotation of camera. Free the ball from the old kind of limitation. We make the map more beautiful and higher resolution.


Firstly, we defined a whole new universe. Our universe is based on a Chinese rumor, In ancient China, a giant dragon lives in the Tian Chi lake which is located on the Chang Bai Mountain. The dragon damaged the villages around. Ancient Chinese warriors wanted to kill the dragon and brought the peace for the villages. But they didn’t make it. In our new universe, the players will play as a modern Chinese warrior to finish the mission that our ancestor didn’t finish. Collect blade and sword to kill the dragon. During the journey, the players can also collect gems, coins, battery, flash light and sand clock to help them. But they will also face some obstacle such as laser, poison, ghost, and spikes to make their journey more dangerous.


Base on the rumor and the Lake, we recreated the lake in a low-poly style. Low-poly style is the newest design trend, it can’t be better to use low-poly style to interpret the beauty of Tian Chi Lake. With the galaxy and the mirror kind of lake, you will definitely enjoy the process of playing the game. As you can see, there is a clock on the top of the mountain, that is our new way of showing the time, time is the crucial part of this game, so we didn’t want the time simply showing on the user interface, in our game, player need rotate the camera to check the time, it will increase the interestingness of the game.


We made almost all the sound in the game by recording all kinds of materials crashing, but the process of finding the right sound is very difficult and time-wasting. We tried a variety of solids and liquids to create more realistic sound, such as stone, plastic, glass, metals and water. At the end, what we presented in the game is the best sound we can find. We hope that having a better sound will make the game more complete.




Our game is based on an ancient Chinese rumor. So we needed to design a set of classic fantasy UI pack. It is perfectly suit the style of our game. It will suddenly bring the player a sense of substitution. At the moment when the player open the game they will feel like in the ancient China, kill the dragon ,save the villages.


Finally, we would like to thank SUPINFO for the great recognition and help to our project. At the end of the presentation, the applause from our teachers’ more important than any reward, and we are also very grateful to SUPINFO for giving us the opportunity to show ourselves. We will continue our efforts in the following projects.

We are Navigator!



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