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On Nov.13th, 2018, BUCT hosted a culture festival on it’s north campus. And SUPINFO-BUCT students won the first price in National Pavilion of Culture Festival

Culture festival 1副本111

This Festival has been regrouping many students from different countries all over the world.

Culture festival 10_副本111

So many countries were represented, every continent was there (Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, France, Zambia, Mauritius, Samoa, Pakistan, Bangladesh …).

Culture festival 4_副本111

Culture festival 9_副本111

It’s an opportunity for all the students to discover  some traditional food, drinks, clothes. You can also speak to all the strangers who are here to explain their culture, that’s so interesting.

Culture festival 8_副本111

Culture festival 7_副本_副本

A dance show has been organized for the festival by students to show more from their countries.

Culture festival 11_副本111

Culture festival 12_副本111

Culture festival 13_副本111

Culture festival 6_副本111

If you are curious and enjoyed to discover and meet other students from different cultures, the Culture Festival is one of the best opportunity for you to make it real.

Culture festival 2_副本111

Culture festival 5_副本111

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SUPINFO signed cooperation agreement with HFSU

Publié le 14 novembre 2018 dans Events

November 1st, 2018 is a very important and special day for SUPINFO and HFSU. On that day, the two sides signed an inter-school exchange agreement.

Agreement 2_副本111

The cooperation between the two schools started in 2017 Summer School and matured in 2018 Summer School. In line with the same school-running idea of training high-level professionals for the market, the two sides decided not only to provide Chinese students with the opportunity to experience France in summer, but also to provide them with the possibility of studying abroad for a long time. Students can choose to study in SUPINFO French Campus for more than one year, in the pure French learning and living environment. High French level and computer application skills lay a solid foundation for future employment.

Agreement 1_副本_副本

We believe that with the deepening of cooperation between the two schools, more and more Chinese students will benefit from this program. They can go abroad to broaden their horizons and thinking, and make their youth more colorful!

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SUPINFO-BUCT Opening ceremony

Publié le 14 novembre 2018 dans Events

 First, we hold the opening ceremony in SUPINFO Beijing classroom. Ms. WANG let our foreign students to introduce themselves one by one.


Ms. WANG introduced SUPINFO partnership with Chinese Universities And we welcome more and more students intecontinental exchanges.


Ms. KONG introduced the IT development in China. Now, Chinese IT developed rapidly. More than 10,000,000 IT talents will be needed in recent 3 years.


Then, our foreign students went to BUCT campus to look around and attend the meeting held by BUCT.



BUCT staff gave our foreign students warm welcome, introduced the rules and hoped they would enjoy their study and get a success in China.


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On October 30th, 2018, Director of SUPINFO China, Ms. Wang, led a group of SUPINFO China Management Team to HEBUT to hold the opening ceremony of the 2018-2019 school year of the Sino-French cooperation project.  During the ceremony, Ms. Wang first spoke, commended the outstanding students in the 2017-2018 school year.


After entering the awarding process, the prizes were awarded: Student of the Year Award, Academic Excellent Award, Outstanding Contributor Award, Best Geek Award.


Ms. Wang asked the student representative to tell students about his feeling in Summer School in Paris.

7_111 1_111

Secretary Han and President Yu were invited to present awards to the students. As one of the leader of Paris Summer School, President Yu shared her feelings about participating in the Paris Summer School.


After the opening ceremony, SUPINFO China Management Team had face-to-face exchanges with freshmen, encouraging students to seriously study, actively participate in school activities, and ultimately achieve the goal of self-fulfilment!

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How to expand your networking in France

Publié le 1 novembre 2018 dans Events

Hello, guys junior to France! It is estimated that you have gradually stabilized in France, waiting for the start of school! So how to get in touch with French people, how to get in touch with more Chinese friends, how to enrich your networking and how to enrich your daily life may be the problem that will annoy you. Here, I recommend several practical methods, which I will use in my spare time and work, I hope it can be of help to you.

One、Facebook Coming abroad, Facebook is the social software that must be used. There is our SUPINFO grade groups on Facebook, as well as students and teachers, be brave to search and add them. And then brush Facebook, click « like » and comment on it to generate interaction and increase communication. Most of the time, activities organized by students will be posted on FB. Besides, events on Facebook is also an important way to increase daily entertainment. You can search directly for things you are interested in, such as block chain conferences, which are relatively heavy weight events.

Two、Meetup Especially recommended one software, called Meetup, for you to find people and organizations with common interests!! At that time, in order to break into the block chain circle in France, I searched and joined many groups and societies about block chain in Paris. I participated in the activities organized by them and got to know many people in the circle. After coming back to China, I found that Meetup was also popular in China, and I could find many organizations and activities in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. It felt like a global software,very powerful! You can search by category for topics of interest on the website:



For example, if you like Java programming, you can choose Tech. There are a variety of groups about science and technology, and there will be occasional communication activities and teaching guidance. If you want to learn a language, learn French or practice your English, or even learn Spanish and German, you can find groupsin the Language&Culture. It’s usually the type of small parties, in a certain square or a small bar, where the people discuss the topic of the day together in a specific language. Of course, the best starting point for meeting foreigners is to talk about our Chinese culture. Cultural differences will bring foreigners a certain sense of novelty, and at the same time, look for your common hobbies so that you can keep in touch, and then FB comes in handy.There are many other things to choose from, such as dancing, drawing, food,exercising and so on.




After selecting the category, please note that it will push a range of activities according to your location. You can choose the distance of the city by yourself. And when you add a friend, you can see the friend’s organization, as well as the activities he attends, so that you can make an appointment next time. Through this software, I get to know many Chinese friends and foreign friends who share common interests. And every day, you can have the activity to attend, the life will not be bored! It is recommended, however, that the first time you attend an event or more than one partner.

Three、HelloTalk HelloTalk is a free language chat software. For example, if your native language is Chinese, you can also communicate in English, and you really want to learn French, then on the software, you can look for foreigners whose native language is French, who want to learn Chinese, and who can communicate in English at the same time. The software has a system pairing function, and when you set up your language and region, it will automatically search for people who meet your criteria in that region, so you can Say Hello to add friends. The picture below is a French friend who wants to learn Chinese. Bilingual Chinese and French is a good way to say hello. If you encounter a sentence that you do not understand, don’t be afraid to press the sentence long, you will have the functions of translation, reading, correcting mistakes, transliteration and soon. At the same time, you can collect common phrases and review them.








In addition to the chat feature, you can also send updates, and other users (not necessarily friends) can correct you based on your text or voice.



For example, this American girl who is learning Chinese pushes her Chinese practice, then people who want to learn English and speak Chinese can see it and edit it in the comments for her. So guys can give it a try if you want to learn authentic French or any other language, and when you’re done with the French exercises you can also post on the updates and invite others to correct your mistakes. Of course, courtesy is always there for you, and if someone else needs help, suggest give a little more. This is also the learning software recommended to me by my little sister whom I met in France. Now I recommend it to you. I hope it can help you with language learning in France.

Four、QQ/WeChat Of course, no matter where we go, we cannot leave our powerful Tencent products… On QQ, you can directly search the Paris student group, apply to get in, and then ask the useful WeChat group. Secondly, I recommend a public account « Paris madhouse », which is full of very practical articles, from dealing with of OFII to French holidays.   I hope these applications will help you to have a richer life in France, to expand your network of contacts and to learn native languages better.

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In China, there are thousands of poor children who need help because of the imperfect child welfare system. Every year, there are many children get into trouble because their family misfortune and some of them cannot afford to pay the tuition fee.

In order to provide the necessary support to these children, and help them deeply for a long time, we recruit SUPINFO students to join in and share love and hope with these poor children, and further popularize IT and English knowledge.

We hope that these poor children can integrate into the society better in the future through our efforts.

This summer, to enrich the poor children’s summer vacation life, SUPINFO organized students to carry out a five-day Summer Charity Project.

shape the future_111

On the first day, the person in charge in the institution led the volunteers to visit the welfare institution and be familiar with the specific conditions of the poor children. Some families had only disabled fathers or mothers, some depended on their grandmothers, and some even had to live by themselves.

welfare institution 1-111

During the volunteer service, the students lived in the Tongzhou District social welfare institution, and the social workers took the students to visit the welfare institution.

welfare institution 2-111

The picture shows the wish wall of the welfare institution. The wall is covered with children’s wish cards. Some wish is a basketball or a book.

In order to make the lessons more lively and interesting, the volunteers designed a lot of games, such as explaining the words of body organs by pasting five senses.

welfare institution 3-111

welfare institution 4-111

welfare institution 5-111


Through the game called You draw I guess to explain the animal words.


welfare institution 6-111

welfare institution 7-111


welfare institution 8-111


welfare institution 9-111

Xu Tong taught some basic grammar.

welfare institution 10-11


welfare institution 11-111

Si Qi explained some basic words roots for the children.

welfare institution 12-111

welfare institution 13-111


welfare institution 14-111


Xiang divided the children into two groups to compete.

welfare institution 15-111


welfare institution 16-111

Wen Feng mixed with poor children

welfare institution 17-111

welfare institution 18-111


He did hand work with them, got to know their daily learning status and gave suggestions.

welfare institution 19-111

welfare institution 20-111

The children were very cooperative, active and enthusiastic in class, and could well integrate into the classroom atmosphere.

welfare institution 21-111


welfare institution 22-111

As the content of English courses was advancing, children were becoming more and more involved.

welfare institution 23-111

welfare institution 24-111


welfare institution 25-111

welfare institution 26-111


In SUPINFO Summer Charity Project « Shape the Future », every student demonstrated their outstanding volunteer service ability and serious attitude towards volunteer work.

welfare institution 27-111

welfare institution 28-111

   Celebrating our gathering here
welfare institution 29-111
Extracurricular activities
welfare institution 30-111
welfare institution 31-111
  Clay sculpture exhibition
welfare institution 32-111                          
welfare institution 33-111

After class, volunteers took the children to clay sculpture lessons, pinched pandas and magicians, the children played freely, pinched spiders, robots, Doraemon and so on.

With the steady development and maturity of SUPINFO’s Charity Project, the spirit of volunteerism has won support among every student. In order to enrich the lives of poor children, volunteers try to make every lesson interesting. We believe that this activity will give children a lot of memories. We wish the children will learn better and better in the future. See you again!

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